Wholey Wonder

Posted on August 31, 2020

(The Exterior of the Wholey Wonder)

Wholey Wonder is a cute little vegan café located in the beautiful art space of Hin Bus Depot. Whether you're a vegetarian, vegan, or just craving for some yummy plant-based food, Wholey Wonder serves as an excellent café for you! In addition, the rustic vibe is super instagrammable!


(Overview of the Café)

(Merchandise, Yoga Classes and Workshop)

As you enter the café, you'll immediately find an assortment of organic sustainable merchandise being displayed to your right (as shown in the image above). The first floor of the café is used as a workout space where they offer regular yoga and pilates classes (approx. RM 25 per class / RM 230 for 10 classes). Occasionally, various DIY Workshops are also held in that space.


(Wholey Wonder - Old Menu)

(Our Delicious Lunch That Afternoon)

(Smoothies: Penang Passion - RM 19 & Wake Me Up - RM 19)

(Savouries: Wholey Pizzoli - RM 22)

(Savouries: Cauli-Fredo Zoodles - RM 28)

*NOTE: The food I've reviewed here are from their previous menu from before the MCO; hence, I'm not too sure if they are still available. Please click here for their latest menu.

Penang Passion - Fresh smoothie with red dragon fruit, passion fruit, mango, coconut meat and coconut water.
Wake Me Up - Fresh smoothie with almond milk, banana, 1 shot of espresso, date, vanilla and coconut oil.

Wholey Pizzoli - Gluten free pizza made with chickpea flour! The earthy flavoured crust is topped with barbecue and potato cheese base; with the pairing of grilled pineapple and tempeh topping.
Wake Me Up - A healthier twist to the traditional alfredo sauce created with roasted cauliflower and coconut milk. It's served with zucchini noodles, mixed with asparagus, button mushroom and sprinkle with tofu bacon and parmesan cheese.

My mum had their signature / best-seller smoothie (Penang Passion) and absolutely loved it! As I'm a huge coffee lover, I decided to go for their Coffee and Banana Smoothie (Wake Me Up)-removing the coconut oil as I'm allergic to it. I've never really been a fan of almond milk but surprisingly I actually enjoyed this combination a lot! Their smoothies are all made with fresh, good quality ingredients-making them naturally sweet, tastier and extremely refreshing.

The Wholey Pizzoli is probably the only pizza I've ever had without feeling so bloated and guilty after consumption. They replaced the traditional pizza flour with chickpea flour for their dough-making the texture super light and crunchy. I love how all the ingredients on the pizza-from the base sauce to the toppings-compliments each other perfectly. This is a MUST-ORDER when you visit the café-especially if you're a newbie to vegan food! This would be an ideal introduction for you to try out plant-based foods! I mean, who doesn't like PIZZA, am I right?

As I've mentioned before, I'm (sadly) allergic to coconuts so the following review of the Cauli-Fredo Zoodles is mainly from my mum's opinions. First of all, no, the zucchini noodles does not taste like your regular noodles because it is well, a vegetable. This dish is basically the vegan and healthier version of the well-known Alfredo Pasta. Instead of the regular cream and cheese, their sauce is made with roasted cauliflower and coconut milk. They did a pretty good job with the texture of the Zoodles (zucchini noodles); you can obviously taste the difference but Wholey Wonder made it to taste and feel pretty similar to regular noodles. The cream itself was very flavourful; both of the ingredients blend very well with one another. Just a heads up, the sauce is a tad bit on the creamier side so if you love creamy carbonara-type sauces, it's perfect. However, if you're not a fan of the Alfredo pasta or creamier foods, you might want to opt for their other options for mains.

Would I swap my regular noodles for this? In all honesty, no I wouldn't... I love my carb-filled regular noodles way too much, sorry! However, as a dish itself, it is definitely a pleasant dish to have-according to my mum. If you're looking to try something different, make sure you order this unique dish (hopefully it's still available) and try it for yourself.

We did not order any of their desserts this trip as we were already stuffed after our smoothies and mains. We'll definitely be back to try them out so you'll probably see them popping up in my Insta-story soon! Stay tuned!

Special Thanks and Other Information:

Thank you so much Wholey Wonder and Huemankind.World for the lovely treat! Thank you James from Huemankind.World for the kind invitation!
The next time you're looking for healthy (and of course, yummy) meals, stop by Wholey Wonder and enjoy one of the best vegan dining experience!
Don't forget to pick up some sustainable accessories and ethically made clothings from Huemankind.World whilst you're at the café too!
All their social media pages and information are listed below...

Other Thoughts / Tips for visiting:

❀ Call up and make a reservation beforehand to avoid a full house disappointment (especially when you have a big group) as the café has limited seating.

❀ Take a look at their little merchandise corner and pick yourselves up some healthy food and sustainable goodies while you're waiting for your meal or after your meal!

❀ Take a walk around the beautiful artsy space of Hin Bus Depot after your meal. There's also a Pop Up Flea Market happening every Sunday.

❀ Check out their yoga classes and seasonal workshops!


  • There are limited street parking outside the café or nearby.
  • You can either park in Hin Bus Depot, opposite the café / street parking next to Hotel NEO+ Penang or Gama Supermaket & Departmental Store's carpark (5 minutes walk from the café)

❀ Review: (No review will be given as this meal is sponsored.)


Website https://www.facebook.com/wholeywonder/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/wholeywonder/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/wholeywonder/
Address 61, Jalan Gurdwara, 10300 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Opening Hours Tue - Sun 11:30am - 09:00pm
Tel +6012-616 9979
Email [email protected]



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