The Calyx

Posted on April 18, 2017

From world renown landmarks such as the leaning tower of Pisa to local beauty such as the Central Park in Sydney, I've always been intrigued by unique architecture. The Calyx is a new addition to The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, which opened up in June 2016. I wouldn't say that we've picked the best day to explore the facility as it was quite a wet Autumn day; however the beauty of the facility and garden does made up for it. Initially, we were planning to visit it's first exhibition there: Sweet Addiction. Collaborating with Lindt, it's a botanic story of chocolates which includes the history, the making and all the things you can learn about chocolates, besides them being super addicting. Like any other normal human being out there, I am a huge fan of chocolates so I was really looking forward to that. Why did we missed it? Well, I am also a normal girl, and getting ready took a tad bit longer than planned, resulting in arriving at the garden half an hour before the exhibition closing time. We figured that it wouldn't be nice having to rush through it. Therefore, we ended up having some afternoon snacks at the cafe.

After munching all the sweet snacks (or should I say fats), we've decided to have a stroll through the Rose Garden Pavilion. The roses were stunning and blooming brightly throughout the garden. The only thing that annoyed me was seeing inconsiderate Chinese tourist stepping on top of the garden soil and killing some of the flowers while taking "selfies" with it.

So, what are some of your favourite architecture? Comment below!