The Big Hoot Auckland 2018 - Owlets Gallery

Posted on June 20, 2018

Jacob and I were owl-struck by all the beautiful owl sculptures across Auckland City last autumn. These lil ones are just so owl-dorable! (I apologise for all the unnecessary owl puns). These 56 owlets are specially designed by the local school children to take part in the Big Hoot through a schools programme called “the Little Hoot”. These owlets were placed on the trail and were returned to each respective school once the public display has ended.

One of my favourite mini owls is the one shown in the picture above known as Owl-Black (representing New Zealand's national rugby union team, All Blacks) designed by John Unasa. This lil owl here is special because it doesn't belong to the Owlets group nor is it exactly a "Big Owl" (even though it was placed in that catogory). In this design, the owl takes on the iconic black jersey, which is no longer just a sporting symbol, but representative of the values and pride of a whole nation. Something not only recognisable by us as Kiwis but internationally recognised as respect for our achievements as a nation. It is a recognisable legend, and in this representation signed here by many legends.

I've also written 3 other blogs covering this event for you to join us virtually on this art trail. Their names, artists, descriptions, and sponsors, each respectively, are included in the blogs. If you missed out on any of these collections, I've also included the App Code for each owl in the blogs for you to unlock your owls on The Big Hoot mobile app. Feel free to reminisce about all these beautiful sculptures through my blogs if you've already visited them all, like us.

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The Owlets Collection:

Papatoetoe War Memorial Library Group

Maui si’i
Created By: Robertson Road School
School Sponsored By: Mainfreight

The movie Moana was an inspiration for this work, ‘Know who I am and where I’m from.’ The school also acknowledged that Polynesian ancestors were very creative, intelligent and brave too. The students believe you can overcome anything in life if we stay true to who we are. Helper William Payne and all room 29 Robertson Road School, Mangere, brought this inspiration to life.

Colour my World with Music
Created By: Bairds Mainfreight Primary School
School Sponsored By: Mainfreight

Students in Room 11 at Bairds Mainfreight Primary School created their schools owlet. They were inspired by ‘Over the Rainbow’, a beautiful book with paintings by Eric Puybaret, and chose the theme of music because they love music and how it can lift your emotions and wash away pain. The design is an amalgamation of ideas from the class.

Hoo hoo
Created By: Manurewa South School

The children at Manurewa South School were inspired by their studies relating to the New Zealand Native Forest and Marine life. They also wanted to reflect the diverse cultures within the school as this was important in terms of ‘Unity!’

Ruru’s Korowai
Created By: Puhinui School
School Sponsored By: Appliance Shed

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, he toa takitini. My strength is not as an individual but as a collective. Ruru’s korowai (cloak) keeps him warm and reminds him to be strong when he is feeling weak. The owlet was created collaboratively by the students at Puhinui School, because we are strongest when we work together.

Manu Mohio (Wise Bird)
Created By: Pokekohe High School

Pukekohe High School is a diverse community school located between the city and the country. This owlet represents the students interpretations of traditional, natural and urban symbols of culture. It shows the wisdom of knowing who you are and where you come from.

Ihi (translation: beam of light)
Created By: Edmund Hillary School
School Sponsored By: KPMG

The design of Ihi was the result of an inquiry into our world. Ihi is a flash of movement triggered by twilight but he is confused when heavy, polluted clouds appear unexpectedly. Ihi is a messenger signalling the health of our world. The design was created through collaboration between students and staffs from Edmund Hillary School.

Education Partner: School Rebates NZ
Logistics Partner: Mainfreight
Location: Papatoetoe War Memorial Library
App Code: 3018

Botany Library Group

Hooty Ngahere
Created By: Mellons Bay School

This year Mellons Bay School is celebrating the school’s 90th Jubilee, and as a wise old owl once said “In a world where you can be anything, just be yourself”.

Little Ruru
Created By: Owairoa Primary School

Owairoa Primary School achieved Green-Gold EnviroSchool status in 2016 and proudly continue their journey, participating in the Haier Big Hoot and supporting Child Cancer Foundation. Their inspiration comes from the student’s inquiry into New Zealand native birds and the Maori perspective that ruru were kaitiaki and had power to protect and advise. The design incorporates these values and reflects Owairoa’s love of the environment.

Education Partner: School Rebates NZ
Logistics Partner: Mainfreight
Location: Botany Library
App Code: 4081

Created By: Misson Heights Junior College

Kaitiaki represents the diversity of culture of the school and has been designed and created collaboratively by a group of students.

Created By: Baverstock Oaks School

Bavvy has been inspired by the twentieth anniversary of Harry Potter. The students love the mischievous and creative narrative of JK Rowling’s series and also love how the owl symbolises wisdom. Baverstock Oaks School hope that every child who enters their new Information Centre – which is where their owlet will live – finds the tools to leave just a little bit wiser.

Education Partner: School Rebates NZ
Logistics Partner: Mainfreight
Location: Botany Library
App Code: 4081

Pakuranga Library Group

The Greatest Little Owlet
Created By: Sylvia Park School

This owlet represents the greatest little school in New Zealand – Sylvia Park School! Their story includes celebrating the many cultures within the school whānau and identifying the major landmarks that make them truly unique in the community. The students believe their owlet shows the sense of love and fun they have for their learning. Artists: Tevita Kaufusi, Lolo Liuanga, Danina Pahulu & Maedana Langi.

Sweet Tweet
Created By: Bailey Road School
School Sponsored By: Mainfreight

Students Keshika and Keiko’s inspirations combined to create the design for Bailey Road School’s owlet ‘Sweet Tweet’.

Education Partner: School Rebates NZ
Logistics Partner: Mainfreight
Location: Pakuranga Library
App Code: 5553

Sylvia Park Group

Dress Smart Group

Mt Roskill Library Group

Hay Ruru
Created By: Hay Park School

Students and staff came together to create an owlet design that represented all the students. Hay Ruru is made up of a range of different designs that represent the cultures within Hay Park School. Each student created a feather design to represent their own identity and painted a section of the owlet as a chance to come together as a school.

Created By: Waikowhai Primary School
School Sponsored By: Mainfreight

Twenty-six Year 5 and 6 students submitted ideas towards the design for this Little Hoot owlet. Overwhelmingly the students wanted to use the meanings behind the school name in the design; creating a mascot for the school and acknowledging its place in the environment and Auckland. They were also interested in having different cultural elements represented to acknowledge the multicultural makeup of the school.

Hillsborough Harry
Created By: Monte Cecilia Catholic School

Hillsborough Harry’s design is been inspired by the environment directly connected to Monte Cecilia Catholic School, which is connected by community – physically and emotionally. What is seen, heard and felt in this space, and the way the school has a collective responsibility to be part of a happy, healthy and safe community.

Education Partner: School Rebates NZ
Logistics Partner: Mainfreight
Location: Mt Roskill Library
App Code: 2266

New Lynn War Memorial Library Group

West Wise – Hauauru Wananga
Created By: Colwill School Wananga

The amalgamation of designs by some Year 7 and 8 artists proudly represents many of the thirty plus cultures that are part of the school’s North West Auckland community. Colwill School’s mascot, the pukeko Manaaki, makes an appearance to show that Colwill kids are, like pukeko and owls, curious, caring, kind and careful.

Enchanted Forest
Created By: Laingholm Primary School

The whole school had the opportunity to be part of the design process by entering a competition. The Laingholm lunchtime Art Club took the role of choosing parts from the designs submitted to be replicated onto the owlet. A painting team was chosen to bring the collaborative ‘Enchanted Forest’ design to life. The design was inspired by Zentangle Art and Adult Colouring Books.

Athena’s Owl
Created By: Summerlands Primary
School Sponsored By: Corban Estate

Athena was the ancient goddess of wisdom and war for Athens, Greece. Her constant companion was an owl who was also known for her wisdom. With the guidance of the owl, Athena made gifts to the people of Athens, bringing them food, shelter and currency to the present day. Athena is a shining example of using wisdom and intelligence to solve problems peacefully and without violence.

Created By: Kaurilands Primary School
School Sponsored By: Appliance Shed

Kauri’ was inspired by the gorgeous surroundings at Kaurilands Primary. Kauri trees grace the school grounds and children spend much of their time playing under their majestic branches The school are part of a community who are lucky to be surrounded by natural beauty.

Created By: Woodlands Park School

Woodlands Park school was inspired by the Picasso quote – ‘Every child is an artist,’ so EVERY child in the school helped to decorate the owlet by designing a flower. The school decided to use flowers to make the art accessible to all students and to reflect that they are an enviroschool – ‘we care deeply about nature and the environment.’ He was named by a year one student following a school wide vote.

Education Partner: School Rebates NZ
Logistics Partner: Mainfreight
Location: New Lynn War Memorial Library
App Code: 1809

Lynn Mall Group

The Bay
Created By: Blockhouse Bay Primary School
School Sponsored By: Lynnmall

As part of a Creative Inquiry in Term 3, Year 5 and 6 students worked on designs for the owlet. A design brief was completed and an expert came in and discussed the design process. A panel chose four designs and students worked together collaboratively to design the owlet, using parts of each design to create an owlet representing the community.

Created By: Avondale Primary School
School Sponsored By: Lynnmall

A group of Year 5 and 6 students who are very interested in art and design became fascinated with the idea of helping to raise awareness of the impact of child cancer by painting their owlet. They could not believe they had this opportunity to use their creativity for such a worthwhile cause and gave up their free time to paint.

Education Partner: School Rebates NZ
Logistics Partner: Mainfreight
Location: LynnMall, New Lynn, near Footlocker
App Code: 1802

We know who we are – we know where we come from
Created By: Arahoe School
School Sponsored By: Lynnmall

Designed by a group of Year 5 and Year 6 students, the design reflects their cultural diversity. Each student contributed an aspect of their culture: a pattern, a colour or a symbol that has significance for them. The koru feathers on the wings represent the school’s bicultural heritage.

A Journey Through the Seasons
Created By: New Lynn School
School Sponsored By: Lynnmall

New Lynn School recently completed a whole school topic about the seasons and weather, and came up with the idea of representing the school’s learning by decorating the owlet based on the seasons.

Education Partner: School Rebates NZ
Logistics Partner: Mainfreight
Location: LynnMall, New Lynn, near Footlocker
App Code: 1802

Mt Albert Library Group

Created By: Mt Albert Primary School
School Sponsored By: The Locals Ray White

The design was selected to reflect and celebrate the cultures present at the school and the wider Auckland area.

Kowhai’s Owl in Korowai
Created By: Kowhai Intermediate School
School Sponsored By: Phantom Billstickers

This owlet was designed and painted by the passionate art extension students of Kowhai Intermediate School. Students expressed their individuality on the feathers, which come together to cloak around the owlet as korowai. Students associated owls with wisdom and worldliness and made links to this and respect for kaumatua. The cloaking of their owlet gives the artwork mana and prestige.

Education Partner: School Rebates NZ
Logistics Partner: Mainfreight
Location: Mt Albert Library
App Code: 8111

Westfield St Lukes Group

Central City Library Group

Created By: Waiheke School

The Year 10 students at Waiheke High School created this design. The school is getting a new Performance Arts building soon and this sculpture will be part of the space. The students have made a marionette puppet show on the owlet. Athena was chosen as the name as the owl is her symbol.

Te Ahorangi
Created By: Point England School

The patterns on the school’s owlet were chosen to reflect the Pasifika and Maori origins of the tamariki at Point England School. This was a collaborative project of Year 7 and 8 students alongside Year 3 students, to design and create this artwork. Te Ahorangi, meaning ‘enlightenment’, is the name this beautiful creature shares with the Junior Kapa Haka Roopu who are beginning their learning journey.

We Are 23
Created By: St Peter’s College, Auckland

The design for this owlet was inspired by the school community. It represents all of the students of the school and the pride they have for their school and each other.

Education Partner: School Rebates NZ
Logistics Partner: Mainfreight
Location: Central City Library
App Code: 2552

Birkenhead Library Group

The Beauty of Birkenhead
Created By: Birkenhead Primary School
School Sponsored By: Birkenhead Village

A true collaborative piece, the owlet showcases one of the favourite features in Birkenhead: Le Roys Bush, with its many shades of green, layers of leaves and a calm that washes over you as a result. Highlighting the features of the owlet are various Pacific Island and Maori designs to reflect the school’s multicultural society.

Education Partner: School Rebates NZ
Logistics Partner: Mainfreight
Location: Birkenhead Library
App Code: 1805

We Give a Hoot!
Created By: Beach Haven Primary School
School Sponsored By: Mainfreight

The pupils of Beach Haven Primary School are always looking at things they can do to make a difference environmentally- they care and give a hoot! The school’s 38 cultures are represented on their owlet, and the Korowai pulls all of the different ethnicities together. The pupils and families are very proud to say that they live in Beach Haven.

Education Partner: School Rebates NZ
Logistics Partner: Mainfreight
Location: Birkenhead Library
App Code: 1805

Shore City Group

Te Ruru o Uenuku
Created By: Meraki Montessori Primary

Te Ruru o Uenuku is inspired by student’s exploration in colour theory. It is designed through discovering how to mix secondary colours using the primary colours cyan, yellow and magenta. Exploration of the complimentary and analogous colour palettes created its unique look.

Wonderful Little Hoot
Created By: Wairau Intermediate School

Wairau Intermediate School’s owlet was inspired by the school name Wairau and the Maori meaning, which is ‘many waters’. Students were encouraged to incorporate the school logo and colours into their design. Many great entries were received, and a combination of two designs from students Princess Peregrino and Dahamsha Panamulla were used.

Created By: Sunnynook Primary School
School Sponsored By: Shore City

‘Flora’ sprang straight from the beautiful murals that were created for Sunnynook Primary School by artist Hayley King a.k.a. Flox. The flora and fauna in the background of the school’s ‘house’ bird panels are the inspiration for their ‘Little Hoot Owlet.’

He Ruru Aniwaniwa – Little Rainbow Owl
Created By: Kristin Junior School

He Ruru Aniwaniwa is a collaborative work by Year 5 students inspired by the Haier Big Hoot purpose who wanted to create a design that made people smile. The design is based on a rainbow: red for love, orange for joy, yellow for caring, green for healing, blue for hope, indigo for peace and violet for courage. The design shows all the people that gather to help a child, and the traditional patterns and stars symbolise the value of perseverance.

Kaitiaki Ruru
Created By: Northcross Intermediate

Kaitiaki Ruru is a watchful guardian who wears a cloak of protection and care. It represents a link between ourselves and the environment we live in. The well-being, and that of the community, is reflected in the environment and vice versa. A group of six students worked closely on the owlet supported with ideas and input from Northcross intermediate students.

Created By: Sunnynook Primary School

The school’s ‘Sunny the Owl’ sleeps at night like the rest of us otherwise he misses out on spending time at school. During the day, he is an active learner! He is a quiet, thoughtful bird who likes to spend his time listening to children learning. Sunny understands that the more you know, the more you grow. That is why he is so big and bright!

He Taonga Nui
Created By: Wainui School

The Intermediate children of Wainui School created this owlet to represent the unique environment surrounding their school. It was inspired by ‘kaitiakitanga’ and reusing things that may have otherwise been thrown away. It represents what they consider is a “gem” of a school and environment that they are the kaitiaki of. It acknowledges the past by paying tribute to the founding families of the community, while looking ahead to the future.

Nga Kakano o Huapai
Created By: Huapai District School
School Sponsored By: Singapore Airlines

Nga Kakano o Huapai translated means “The Seeds of Huapai”. A group of Year 5 to 8 students from Huapai District School created their own interpretation of what the the quote means to them. Located in nor-west Auckland, Huapai is historically known for its plentiful orchards and vineyards.

Education Partner: School Rebates NZ
Logistics Partner: Mainfreight
Location: Shore City Shopping Centre, Level 1, Centre
App Code: 5018

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