The Big Hoot Auckland 2018 - Art Trail

Posted on May 04, 2018

(With my favourite Owl of all, the BB-Owl)

T'was an owl-mazing autumn. We followed an art trail full of owl sculptures throughout the entire Auckland last month. These Owls were displayed for nine weeks in public spaces, parks, malls and libraries across Auckland City from the 3rd of March until the 6th of May. At the end of the trail, the Big Owls were auctioned to fundraise for Child Cancer Foundation. Thanks to this art event, I think Jacob and I have explored pretty much the entire Auckland, from the North Shore all the way to Manurewa. Above are some of our favourite OWLS!

These beautiful Owls went under the hammer on Tuesday 29 May at the Haier Big Hoot Auction. They've raised $382,450* (excluding GST) for the Child Cancer Foundation. These funds will then be used to continue Child Cancer Foundation’s vital work – supporting 1,700 families across New Zealand who are affected by child cancer.

I've written 3 different blogs covering the whole EVENT featuring the entire OWL COLLECTION for you to join us virtually on this art trail. Their names, artists, descriptions, and sponsors, each respectively, are included in the blogs. If you missed out on any of these collections, I've also included the App Code for each owl in the blogs for you to unlock your owls on The Big Hoot mobile app. Feel free to reminisce about all these beautiful sculptures through my blogs if you've already visited them all, like us.

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The Big Hoot Auckland 2018 App:

Download The Big Hoot 2018 App:
Google Playstore: The Big Hoot 2018
Apple Store: The Big Hoot 2018

Step 1:
Register to start using the app. This also help keep a record of your owl collection.

Step 2:
Choose and visit an owl from the map trail. The Owl symbols represent the big owls and the feathers represent the owlets.

Step 3:
Enter the 4-digit code into the app. They are written on the description card (usually located below or next to the owl). You'll notice that as you enter each code, the owl will regain its colour. The symbols on the map trail will also become coloured. You can also give the owl a vote or share. Some owls also help you unlock certain rewards. You can then also upload your owl photos into the event's gallery through the app.

For more information:

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