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Posted on February 05, 2020

(Restaurant Outlook)

(My plates of yummies)

If you know me well, you'll know that I love food more than anything in the world (not kidding). I basically like all types of food and cuisines, plus I'm a pretty indecisive person when it comes to choosing what I want to eat (and wear); therefore, nothing satisfies this greedy girl more than a yummy buffet dinner!

I (representing the Wine & Dine Penang group) recently had the privilege to attend Hotel Jen Penang by Shangri-La / Café Jen's media preview for their new seafood themed buffet dinner - the Sea & Grill Buffet Dinner; which will be served every Friday and Saturday night (6:00pm till 9.30pm) starting from the 1st of November 2019. I know you're all already drooling over the food on the cover photo so let's get started shall we?


(Seafood on Ice)

(From left to right: Italian Antipasto, Roasted Mushroom & Tuna, Olive Salad and Chicken & Avocado Salad)

(From left to right: Smoked Salmon Slices with Onion & Caper, - , Beef Salami and Chicken Pastrami)

(Assorted Maki Rolls & Quail Egg with Bearnaise Sauce and Oyster Gazpacho)

(From left to right: Cream of Mushroom Soup, Assorted Bread and Fish Maw & Fungus Soup)

The starter/appetiser spread was the first thing that caught my eyes during the dinner. It's pretty hard for someone not to notice the impressive presentation placed in the middle of the buffet section. One word - WOW!

The "star of the show" was definitely their "Seafood on Ice" spread - which features huge "Queen Crab" Snow Crab Claws, Yabbies, Tiger Prawns and Mussels. There were also some beautifully presented bite-sized hors d'œuvre such as the Cocktail Prawn Salad, Oyster Gazpacho and Quail Egg with Bearnaise Sauce.

Their Snow Crab Claws were not only huge; their juicy white flesh screams: "Give me more!" as you take every single bite! How can one get enough of it!?

Other starters such as their special salads, cold cuts and Maki Rolls will also help wet your appetite before you dig-in into your mains.


(Live Cooking)

(From front to back: Sour and Spicy Oxtail / Asam Pedas Ekor, Mutton Dalcha Curry and Squids "Pitong" Style / Sotong Masak Pitong)

(Sauteed Lala / Clams with Ginger and Spring)

(From top left: Herb Crusted Fish Fillets with Saffron Sauce, Baked Oysters with Tomato Spicy Concasse, Chilli Crab and Steamed Seabass in Oyster & Ginger Sauce)

(DIY Noodle Bar)

Not that we're not already full from just eating the appetisers; we were also spoiled with an abundance of scrumptious mains too! Some of my favourite dishes are: Sour and Spicy Oxtail Curry, Herb Crusted Fish Fillets with Saffron Sauce, Chilli Crab and Sauteed Lala. As you can see, the chef has carefully selected a variety of both local and foreign dishes to suit each individual's palate and preferences.

In addition, the buffet also offers a DIY Noodle Bar and two Live Cooking Stations. The DIY noodle bar offers two kinds of soups: Lemak Laksa Soup and Chinese Chicken Soup. You can therefore "design" your bowl of noodles with your selected type of noodles and raw ingredients.

Taking things up a notch, the buffet has two Live Cooking Stations: The Carving and Grill Station and the Deep Fried Station. Some of the yums that the Carving and Grill Station offered were Roasted Lamb, Oven-Roasted Fish (similar to our local Ikan Bakar), Satays and one of the most succulent spare ribs I've ever had.


(Assorted Cakes & Kuih)

(Bread Pudding)

(Chocolate Fondue)

(Fruits, Jellies and Ice-creams & Condiments)

(Infused Water)

Okay, by this point, I was actually stuffed. However, there'll always be room for dessert right? Who would pass on such pretty and mouth-watering desserts here (as shown in the photos). The choices given were traditional kuihs, delicious cakes, ice-cream, fruits, jelly and bread pudding. Oh, did I mention that there's also a chocolate fondue to entertain/ distract your kids (or me) while you dine and sip away your wine with your friends and family? Warning, you might/ will probably get a sugar rush from all these sugar though.

And of course, a selection of wine is also available if you're a wine lover (separate menu). If not, infused water, coffee and tea are available to keep you hydrated and to satisfy all you caffeine addicts (me).


(A photo with Hotel Jen Penang by Shangri-La's new Executive Chef: Mohd Afifi Abu Bakar)

(Hotel Jen Penang by Shangri-La's culinary team)

Introducing the man behind all these delicious food (drumrolls please*)... He is none other than Hotel Jen Penang by Shangri-La's lates Executive Chef: Mohd Afifi Abu Bakar! He will be working to combine the flavours of both our traditional street food with foreign food to create more of a diversity and innovative dishes. With the culinary team under his leadership, I truly look forward to all his new creation. This will definitely lead and bring your hotel's dining experience with them to a whole new level.


(Group photo with Hotel Jen Penang by Shangri-La's Marcomm Manager: Ms Ellie Yeoh, Wine and Dine's Founder: MC Chris Gan and the Restaurant & Bar Manager: Mr Lengeswaren)

A very special thank you goes to the hotel's Marcomm Manager, Ms Ellie Yeoh and the Restaurant & Bar Manager, Mr Lengeswaren. Not only did they do a great job of welcoming us and briefing all the invited guests the "highlighted dishes" of the buffet; their hospitality is exceptional.

If you're looking for somewhere to dine this Valentine's Day, here's their special buffet for this Season of Love! Book now to avoid disappointment!!!

Other Thoughts / Tips for visiting:

❀ Call up and make a reservation beforehand to avoid a full house disappointment (especially when you have a big group).

❀ Golden Circle members get 25% off!

❀ Sea & Grill Buffet Dinner Price:

  • Children below 12 - RM 60 per pax
  • Adult - RM 120 per pax
  • Senior Citizen (55 years old and above) - RM 90

❀ Review: (No review will be given as this meal is sponsored.)


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