Posted on March 09, 2017

Sydney Festival:
7th - 29th January 2017

To kick off every new year, Sydney Festival will transform the beautiful city of Sydney with prestigious art and fun activities to celebrate its colourful culture. It is one of the Australia's largest and world renown annual cultural celebration. From theatre to music and visual installation to workshops, Sydney Festival will be one your list of reasons to visit this exciting city during the Summer!

More about Sydney Festival: http://www.sydneyfestival.org.au/2017/about

The Beach at the Cutaway, Barangaroo Reserve:
Plunge into a white ocean of one million balls

Throwing back to when I was a kid, I remember how I would plead my mother to let me play in those colourful ball pits whenever I see them in a mall or a play park. One of the saddest part about growing up is watching yourself slowly growing over the age limit placed to enter these play attractions. That is why I was more than thrilled when Sydney Festival announced that they were building a big plastic ball pit that is not age restricted.

About the Beach:
A joyous monochromatic installation of 1.1 million recyclable polyethylene balls that creates an ocean without shark, gently lapping against a 60-metre wide shoreline free of sand!


The Beach was a free event, giving their visitors an option of purchasing a ticket if they want to skip the long queue during the free entry hours. There is also a 18+ only party ticket that allows one to enter late after 6:30pm. The is a suggested duration of how long a visitor should stay to avoid overcrowding; 30 mins if entered during the free session, 60 mins for ticket holders entering during normal hours, and 90 mins for 18+ ticketed session. The attraction is open daily except on Monday.

This unique and ultimate experience is specially designed and created by Snarkitecture for Sydney Festival and Barangarooo. Snarkitecture is a New-York based collaborative practice established to investigate the boundaries between art and architecture. Its work focuses on the reinterpretation of everyday materials, structures and programs to new and imaginative effect; transforming the familiar into the extraordinary!

More about The Beach at the Cutaway: http://www.sydneyfestival.org.au/2017/beach
More about Snarkitecture: http://www.snarkitecture.com/

My day at the Beach:
28th January 2017

It has been quite a hectic start of 2017 for me, trying to cope with both my classes starting and office reopening. I have been bugging Jake about visiting the Beach event since I've read about it online but my busy schedule had been holding me up. Finally, on the second last day before Sydney Festival ended, I've finally caught up with everything and managed to take some time off to unleash my inner child.

We arrived at the Barangaroo Reserve at approximately 3pm that Saturday. Surprisingly, it only took us 30 mins to get to the front of the line during the free entry session. It was quite a relief as we have been warned that the usual waiting time is about 1 hour and 45 minutes. Maybe everyone had gone off collecting red packets instead since it was the first day of the Chinese New Year.

Upon entering into the beach area, some important ground rules were carefully brief to us by one of the kind beach petrols. Finally, after half an hour of waiting, we're finally in! Behind the shoreline, there were some containers for visitors to store their bags and shoes so they would not get lost inside the ocean of balls. After storing all our goods and shoes into the no. 67 container, off we plunge into the ocean of white balls for a swim. Maybe I'm just too petite in size but I find it really difficult to move around in the pit with all the balls. There were many times I need Jake to pull me back up to my feet. To be honest, it was quite embarrassing to be "drowning" into a pool of plastic balls.

Being considerate, we made our move back out after playing around the pool like kids for 30 minutes to give others their chance of having a fun time with the beach. As we were leaving, I glanced over to the beach petrol sadly for the last time as he punched the exit button twice to signify and recalculate the amount of people who are currently inside.

This have been an amazing once in a lifetime experience that allowed me to relive my childhood days with a side serve of art illustration. Thank you Sydney Festival and Snarkitecture for this incredible experience!