OBS Run with Santa 2017

Posted on December 29, 2017

(Snow experience to kick start the run)

(Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng, greeted us with a short welcoming speech)

(The running route)

In conjunction with Occupy Beach Street's 4th Anniversary, the Occupy Beach Street's committee organised a 7km distance fun run on a Car Free Sunday. The run was held on Christmas Eve with a Santa theme. That's why everyone is wearing a Santa hat in the pictures!

The registration fee was RM 30. Each participant also receives a goody bag which consists of:

  • T-Shirt
  • Christmas hat
  • Finishing medal

I am not a runner at all. I think my stamina is pretty weak despite being quite active in other athletic activities. I almost "died" doing the Spartan Race back in 2016. So, why did I join this fun run? Well, my boyfriend's mum is an active runner and managed to convince my boyfriend and I that this will be "fun". So, she registered for us and here we are!

The Santa Run Experience:

The run flagged off at 7:05am with a blasting explosion of "fake" snow, which was pretty cool (the reason why I joined). It was very difficult to run past the crowd in the beginning as most people were walking instead of running. After cutting around some corners, we managed to avoid the walking crowd and start running. Halfway through the run, I had to take off my Santa hat and T-shirt as it was way too hot to wear them while running.

(Photo credits: Desmond Tan)

(Photo credits: Ong Chye)

I managed to find some cool candid shots of me during the run. I've tagged all the talented photographers behind each shot for you to check out their other productions.


The Finish Line:

(A selfie of us finishing the run)

(Me and my finishing medal)

I think I did quite well as it only took me about 40mins to complete the run (pretty good for a slow runner okay). However, I think the distance of the route wasn't exactly 7km; it was probably only 6.5km. This was definitely a very tiring experience but surprisingly, I've quite enjoyed it. Who would have thought that waking up at 6am on Christmas Eve to do a 7km run would be this fun? Will you do it? Comment below!