Neway Karaoke Box Malaysia (Queensbay Mall, Penang)

Posted on December 31, 2017

(A family picture of us after our Christmas karaoke and dinner)

(The given mic and the remote control in each room)

(A shot of me attempting to sing)

(Elena with her mic)

(My family's annual Christmas gift exchange 2017)

Karaoke has always been a popular activity, especially in Asia. Some families even have their own in-home karaoke machines. Since I grew up in Asia, karaoke has become a regular past time for me and my family for almost every occasion. As part of my family's tradition, we had a fun karaoke session at Neway, Queensbay for Christmas last year.

Even though it's quite far away from my house, I still prefer having my karaoke session in Neway as their song choices are regularly updated. The equipments provided (mic, speaker, screens, etc...) are also quite new. Some rooms are a little bit small but it's pretty much the same as the other karaoke box. You do get a room that smells like cigarette now and then but you can always request for another room. Each room comes with 2-3 mics and a remote control for you to choose your songs. You can also download their mobile app to pick your songs without having to use the remote control (very useful when you have a large group). They also provide disposable mic covers, making it more hygienic. Back in the days, I remember that we would use tissue papers as the covers. The staffs there are also quite friendly and helpful. There's always one around the corner when you need them.

K-Lunch Brunch Buffet:

(Variety of food from the brunch buffet on the weekends - RM 25++)

For casual and small gatherings with my friends or family, we would usually go in the afternoon because it's slightly cheaper. During weekdays, the afternoon karaoke sessions usually include a lunch set, a mini salad bar and free flow drinks. On the weekends (including Fridays), the package changes the lunch set into a brunch buffet with free flow drinks instead.

The brunch buffet starts from 11:00am to 01:00pm. The food provided during the brunch buffet are quite simple but surprisingly delicious. Other than the food on my plate, I remember that they also serve porridge and some fruits.

Buffet Dinner (Christmas Night):

(Roast Corner)

(My mama getting some soup)

(Variety of food from the dinner buffet on Christmas night - RM 65++)

For major celebrations (birthdays, Christmas, Chinese New Year, etc...) or bigger gatherings, we usually would then opt for the evening session. The dinner buffet is, of course, much more extravagant compared to the brunch buffet (so is the price). Do note that the food shown in the pictures above are served on a Christmas night. Therefore, the food provided on a normal night might differ slightly. For example, the grilled station became a roast dinner station for that night. They also have a Lok-lok section and a freezer full of ice-creams.

The dinner buffet starts from 06:30pm till 09:30pm. It comes with 2 drinks per person. The food from the dinner buffet are pretty good. The only food I would criticise is the cheese baked oyster as I find them a little bit bland and watery.

Other Thoughts / Tips for visiting:

❀ Use your student card for more discounts.

❀ Visit during the weekdays and earlier sessions for a cheaper rate.

❀ There's a big "step" before you enter the toilet. As it's black and camouflages with the wall, some people (like me) tend to trip over it and fall.

❀ Flaws:

  • The taste and quality of their food are not very consistent.
  • You might get a small room for a big group during busy sessions.
  • Some room smells like alcohol and cigarettes but you can always request for another room.
  • You need to prove the validity of your student card if they do not have an expiry date (online student login, Siswa card, etc...).

❀ Review:

Bad/Cheap - Good/Expensive

  • Taste:
  • Price:
  • Service:
  • Environment:

Neway Karaoke Box, Queensbay Mall

Address 3F-28, 27 & 26, Queensbay Mall, 100 Persiaran Bayan Baru, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang.
Opening Hours Mon-Sun: 11am to 10pm
Tel +604-642 9029
Email [email protected]