Makans: Tea @ Farquhar Mansion

Posted on September 27, 2018

Let’s check out places for tea in Penang~!

Hey guys, for this edition of Makans, I’ve decided to do a post for high tea instead of the usual lunch/dinner places. If you’re a Penangite, you’ve most likely heard of this restaurant.

Farquhar Mansion is a fine dining restaurant location in Georgetown-opposite the renowned E&O Hotel. They’ve also got a gorgeous selection of high tea bites available if you feel like having a downton abbey experience. I’ve heard so many great reviews about the high tea here so I was super stoked to try it out!

So, keep reading to see what they’ve got to offer.

The Menu

As you can see on the menu(current), they’ve got some great teas to accompany the fabulously made food. They also have coffee available to be chosen if you’d prefer it over tea.

Live Station - Potato Blinis

The first dish I had was from their live station.

Look at this beauty! My mouth waters every time I see this photo.

This is a potato blinis topped with smoked salmon, separated-egg scrambled, and salmon roe. The potato blinis itself was filled with flavor and when topped with these, it was an explosion of flavors and textures.

Tier 1

Starting from the top level, there are four different sweets to satisfy my sweet tooth.

On the left, there are the passion fruit shooters topped with edible gold flakes(very fancy). The sweetness from the passion fruit definitely makes this a must-try for dessert lovers.

Next to it, we had the lychee rose mousse. It doesn’t look like it but yay for surprises. (I did not read the menu before eating any of it so it was all a surprise for me.) the mousse had a milder sweetness level but the fragrance was all the same.

Then, there’s the caramelized banana mascaporne tart with macaron. I’d like to point out how excited I was to get a well-made macaron in my mouth-my French blood is pleased.

On the far right, there’s the cheesecake with injections of raspberry juice. Although I am actually lactose intolerant (looking at what I eat, you will notice that my willpower to stay away from dairy is pretty weak), cheesecake is my favorite kind of cake. So, naturally, I really enjoy the cake served. Here’s a close up of the cheesecake~

Tier 2

Oh man, teatime is the best because then eating scones is deemed normal at the time of the day.

Nothing goes better with tea than some beautifully fresh baked scones. These fresh off the oven scones had the perfect texture-slightly crisp and not doughy(under done). They were served with fresh cream and jam in cute little jars; loving how it’s kept classic without over doing it yet the taste shows the quality.

I’ve always joked about how croux au craquelin looks like a brain. If I were to become a zombie, this is the kind of ‘brain’ I’d like to have all day everyday. Croux au Craquelin are basically cream puffs but French with a crunchy outer layer. If you love cream puffs, why not take it up a notch and try these fancy ones?

Behind these little red pastries are what caught my attention with the strong (but amazing) scent. They are truffle mushrooms on flaky danish(?) pastries. They are the fungi forest-one forest I don’t mind being stuck in. The soft savory pastries help balance out the sweets without being too heavy to take in.

Tier 3

The last tier...

The third tier has two savory bites for you to enjoy.

On the right are some petite duck confit tarts. Once again, the gold flakes gave an appearance (very fancy again). The soft duck barely needed to be chewed as they were so soft, it falls apart gently once it touches your teeth.

The last item on the cart-butter toast with pesto topped with cheese ball and poached prawn. The fresh prawns with quality cheese really made this a great umami bite.


For teas, my friends and I decided on the Fruity White and a Jasmine Gold.

The fruity white is a non-caffeinated tea made with white tea leaves. There are also notes of pears and peaches to give a natural sweetness to the tea. If you’re easily affected by caffeine and would like something without, there are two teas available in the category-this and Sweet Berries. They are also great for fruit tea lovers. If you like sweeter teas, I recommend fruity ones so you can enjoy the natural sweetness rather than adding sugars.

Jasmine Gold was a classic jasmine green tea. However, unlike some you get from the stores, you can taste the flavorful aroma of the jasmine infused with the green tea. As a green tea lover (and generally a huge tea lover), I was not disappointed. The balanced taste is perfect on its own without needing to add any sugar to it.

Here’s what the full cart of food looks like. I was very happy to walk into the dining room to be greeted by two gold carriages with some beautifully crafted foods for me to munch on.

If you’re looking for a high tea place that’s fancier than usual, I highly recommend you try out Farquhar Mansion. The heritage building is decorated to be picture perfect

Thanks for reading this~!

Farquhar Mansion

Address 33, Lebuh Farquhar, George Town, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Contact 019-528 8933
Hours Mon-Sun 12pm-1am

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