Makans: Izakaya by Sango

Posted on September 06, 2018

I was super excited to try out this new Izakaya in town!

Hey guys, here's the second post on my "Makans" series.

I am utterly in love with Japanese food-more than I am in games or shopping (which is saying a lot). I was super stoked to try out this new Japanese bar/restaurant in town and I was not disappointed.

I love the concept of being able to have a proper meal here or just chilling with some alcoholic beverages and Japas (Japanese Tapas). The prices are decent as well-it won't burn your wallet but the quality is what you pay for.

Izakaya By Sango is a modern Japanese restaurant and bar-a spin-off of Sango Japanese Restaurant (Established since 1995)

So without further ado, here are some foods I had during my visit to Izakaya by Sango.


Ikura & Foie Gras Chawanmushi

For starters, I tried this interesting take on the classic chawanmushi. The steamed egg custard is topped with a piece of foie gras and ikura (salmon roe). However, the chawanmushi itself still carries the fragrant taste of foie gras and ikura throughout so you don't have to worry about it tasting like a typical chawanmushi you can get from any other Japanese restaurants around.

Atlantic Salmon

I cannot miss trying out the salmon sashimi! Look at how fresh the sashimi pieces are~

It is the first item on the menu and it is none other than a beautiful plate of air flown Norwegian aalmon. It is mouth watering and definitely satisfies my tastebuds.

It's so important to get fresh ingredients especially when it's to be eaten raw and this place is doing it right.

Wagyu Tobanyaki

Sliced wagyu beef live-roasted on a ceramic plate is something you have to try out whilst you're here. It is served with Sango's signature spicy garlic sauce which matches the fine beef impeccably. If you're a beef lover, this is an excellent dish for you.

This dish is great for sharing (I recommend between two to three people; four if you're all small eaters).

Kushiyaki and Sushi

Sango Signature Platter

This is one of their specialties: a platter of grilled skewered meats and sweet potato. It's served with a special blend of sweet sauce and egg yolk.

You are free to choose your own combination of meat and vegetables from the menu as well but I just went with the set platter. It is perfect for sharing or if you can solo it, be my guest. The meats were grilled to perfection-a slight crunch on the outer layer covering the juiciness inside. If you'd like some quick bites but don't want to commit to a full donburi or bento, this is perfect for you. Also, no carbs?

(From left to right) Sweet Potato, Salmon, Chicken wings , Wagyu Beef Cubes, and Tsukune (Japanese Chicken Meatball)

Crispy Unagi Roll

Another must-have in a Japanese food place-SUSHI! There are quite a few choices for sushi and I went for this deep fried unagi sushi topped with tobiko and spicy bbq sauce. It's my first time trying a sushi roll wrapped with fried crunchy unagi and I love it! Do give it a try and let me know what you think about it.


Spicy Kuro Pasta

After having so much food, I decided to try out their pasta instead of going for a bif bowl of rice. This is a seafood pasta glazed with tare (a thick, sweet soy sauce that can be used for dipping or grilling too). Garlic and chilli flakes are also added to give the pasta a slight kick when you put it in your mouth.

Also, black pasta is aesthetically pleasing...

Bar Bites

Grilled Stingray Fin (El Hire)

If you're looking for some light bites instead of a meal, I recommend you try this out. It is grilled stingray fins served with Japanese spicy mayonnaise. It was my first time trying this out and I fell in love with the fragrant savoury taste together with its slight chewy texture, making it a way better bar bite compared to the typical chips you get elsewhere.

Be warned though, once you take a bite of this, you won't be able to stop.

Other than the great food available at this Japanese pub, they also serve great sake (amongst other alcoholic beverages). My favourite is the sparking yuzu sake which is perfect for any occasion. I can accompany a good meal or even be drunk without a meal. If you're there, do try it out and I hope you have a great time.

Thank you for reading this~!

Izayaki by Sango currently have some promotions for lunch and frosted beer. Check out the posters below!

Izakaya by Sango

Address 161 , Lebuh Noordin, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia
Contact +604-262 3727
  • Daily 12pm-1am
  • Kitchen closed at 2.30pm to 5pm (Beverages still available)
  • Dinner last call 10pm

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