#HMoschino Lookbook

Posted on November 27, 2018

Over the past few weeks, the H&M and Moschino collaboration have been buzzing throughout the fashion world, social media, and everywhere really... I personally love love love this collection (especially the Disney themed section). Therefore, I went on a lil crazy shopping spree to get some of these amazing pieces. Here's a a little Lookbook I've put together for you to take a peek on what I've bought. Click here to read some of my thoughts and reviews for this particular collection.

Gold and Bold:

Non-wired Microfibre Bra: €29.99 / RM139.95

Microfibre Bikini Brief: €19.99 / RM84.95

Moschino has been known for their iconically fun and bold design. This section of the collection probably strikes the closest to the heart of the original Moschino's in-house designs. From gold condom handbags to leather boots with gold chains, these pieces will definitely add some wow and bling power to your style.

The pieces I'm wearing are actually a bikini / swimsuit set (sold separately). Riding along the trend of wearing swimsuits as tops, I styled them with a pair of leather pants, faux fur puffer, both from H&M, and black boots from Primark.

MTV/ Casual Themed:

Text-print T-Shirt: €19.99 / RM84.95

Toning down from all the gold and bling-bling, this collection also included some casual outfits. Some are denim themed, while others are MTV themed. I'm wearing the H&Moschino printed T-Shirt here (which I'm not too sure which category it belongs to). I love cute tight T's like this and I got mine in the smallest size (XS); styling them with a pair of skinny jeans from H&M and black boots from Primark.

Disney Themed:

Merino Wool Dress: €99 / RM469.95

Stealing the hearts of every Disney fan like moi (probably everyone), the collection also launched a Mickey Mouse and his friends section. I'm not sure if it's included as a mean to celebrate Mickey Mouse's 90th Birthday (18th November - same as mine); but it definitely sparks a magical attraction!

Here, I'm wearing their cute pink Minnie Mouse wool dress. Her dress was lined with silver sequins and her sunnies with jewels - adding some sparkle unto the piece. As this is a wool dress, it will be suitable for the colder days or an air-conditioned environment.

Printed T-Shirt: €34.99 / RM157.95

Usually T-shirts aren't really my thing but how can anyone resists these adorable pieces. The black T-shirt is dominated by Mr. Donald Duck and his gurl Miss Daisy with a big bold MOSCHINO branded on top; probably making it worth 3 times it's priced. I paired it with a mustard yellow buttoned skirt and black boots from Primark to take the sloppiness of a T-shirt and transforming the look into to a "Instaworthy" outfit.

Printed T-Shirt: €34.99 / RM157.95

Mickey and Minnie covered the faint yellow coloured T-shirt with a cool kids vibe. To join in their cool kids gang, I wore a black skater skirt dungaree with a pair of black boots with it to give the look a fun and playful kick.

Appliquéd Sweatshirt: €59.99 / RM279.95

I actually shopped this from the guys' section. The girls' section were also given a grey version of this, looking exactly the same. To be honest, most of the Disney pieces looks unisex, so I guess you can shop from both sections. All those PDA couples, get one for yourself and one for your partner to pair up looking lovey-dovey or matchie-matchy.

The sweater is so comfortable; I can wear them almost anywhere! Here, I've decided to wear it with a pair of black jeans from H&M and grey laced-up boots from Primark.

Hooded Dress: €79.99 / RM375.95

Last but not least, this particular piece was actually the first piece that caught my heart when I first had a glimpse of the collection. It is a white hooded dress featuring Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto with a punk-ass gangster look. They have the hooded sweater version in the guys' section. This was also what I wore on my birthday. To complete the Mickey Mouse theme, I wore an adorable Mickey Mouse sneakers from Primark.

Don't forget to watch my Lookbook video on my Youtube Channel. So... What are some of your favourite pieces? Comment below!