Creating New Moments with SHIKE Watch

Posted on September 18, 2018

When was the last time you did or try something for the very first time? If you guys have been following Jacob's and my Instagram, you would've noticed that we've both took up a really cool challenge in collaboration with SHIKE Watch. To broaden our horizons, Jacob and I challenged ourselves to try new things and to create some special "first-time" memories - doing things we have never done before. In this blog, we've documented all the new experiences we've discovered in this journey.

I first fell in love with the brand after learning about the meaning and story behind the name SHIKE (时刻), which means ‘moment’ in Mandarin. Besides that, I've always been a huge supporter of local brands! I love their concept of making luxurious watch affordable for everyone; so people do not have burn a hole in their pocket to own their very own luxury watch.

The watch arrived in a very stylish protective box with a protective seal on the watches' faces (as shown in the picture above). Each of them also comes with a 24 months International Limited Warranty Card with an Instructions Page and an introduction card of their brand and their story.

All the SHIKE watches are made with very high quality material. I love the luxurious, classy, and smart design of the watch-at the same time, it’s affordable! They are super comfortable, and beautifully designed. Since my wrists are tiny, the strap does look slightly wide on me; nevertheless, I do love how it compliments my style and adds an "oomph" to my daily outfits. It is also a perfect gift for loved ones or a nice treat for yourself.

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it" - that's why you have to make every moment count!

Black watch: Unique Black Roma (RM 399)
Brown watch: Unique London (RM 399)


Jacob and I kick-started our SHIKE Watch Challenge with durian pizza! I love love love love love DURIAN! Jacob had tried them at my uncle's orchard but wasn't really a fan of it's texture (yes, the ang mo boy actually didn't mind its smell). His exact words were: "they feel like baby poop inside my mouth".

Although we have tried durian on its own - on a pizza, it was definitely something we had never imagined possible. And I've got to say that whoever invented this marvelous combination is a genius! Its definitely an interesting flavour and worth trying at least once - especially if you're a durian lover like me.

Our durian pizza was ordered from US Pizza Malaysia. We had the D24 Sultan King - Durian Pizza (RM25.50). You can also opt for their more expensive King - Durian Pizza (RM37.50) if you feel like splurging. I'll be blogging more about this pizza place soon, stay tuned okay?

They also offer some other unique pizza flavour such as Cempedak Pizza (RM29.95), Salted Egg Pizza (RM32.95 / RM43.95) and Singapore Chilli Crab Pizza (RM32.95 / RM43.95). Definitely give them a go if you're game to try some new unique pizza flavours!


I've always loved to challenge and push my boundaries in my fitness lifestyle. Collaborating with SHIKE Watch, Jacob and I had truly pushed our boundaries with AcroYoga. Not sure if you have heard of this but it's actually really fun! It's a mix of yoga and acrobatics! So, check out Jacob and I attempt the basics.

If you want to learn more about AcroYoga, visit our friend Cassandra's Instagram for some cool poses. She and her boyfriend James are the ones who taught us how to properly do this without breaking any of our bones. They too are embarking on their own journey of challenges with SHIKE Watch. In other news, stay tuned for our upcoming video collaboration.


Being musically inclined, I've always wanted to learn to play as many instruments as I can as they all have their own unique and distinct tunes. Ukulele has always been at the top of my to-learn list and I have finally learnt how to play it! I might even record and film a cover video with it soon. So make sure you look out for that.

This is Jacob's first solo studio photoshoot! If you know Jacob, he never liked getting his photo taken but our photographer friend, Ariel Hii, made it so easy for him. He did such a great job guiding him and giving him instructions for poses. Above are some of the amazing shots taken during the shoot.

Ariel Hii is such a talented photographer. He is one of my favourite photographers in Malaysia to work with as well. From portraits to high-fashion to events to weddings, his productions definitely won't let you down.

For any photoshoot booking or enquiries:
Facebook: Ariel Hii Photography
Instagram: @ariel_hii_photography
Phone Number: 0189014347


Travelling has been a big part of our lives. Our dream is to travel to every country in the world together. In 2016, we've explored around the entire east coast of Australia and lived in Sydney for an entire year. We've recently explored the whole of New Zealand and lived in Auckland for about half a year. In between some free time, we have also ventured into some parts of South East Asia.

We are currently in the Netherlands - another country to explore for the first time! Jacob will be doing his degree here in Maastricht University. As for me, I'm currently in the midst of applying for a residency visa to stay with him - pray for me (fingers crossed). Whilst we're here, we will also be visiting the surrounding European countries and of course, his homeland UK as well.

This is our SHIKE. Hope you enjoyed reading our little diary. Our journey doesn't stop here! Jacob and I will continue on with our spirit of curiousity to learn more and the desire to create new and fun memories everyday! We will continue to challenge each other to try new things in our lives.

All these challenges are inspired by SHIKE Watch - making every moment count! Life is short, and time passes almost as fast as a blink of an eye. It's so important to make the most out of your life and create new memories along the way. We had so much fun creating our "first-time" moments during our challenge with SHIKE Watch.

We want you to join us in this journey of making every moment of yours count! To help you do it with style like us, we are giving you a special 15% discount code for your very own SHIKE Watch.

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