Christmas Lunch | Suffolk House Restaurant

Posted on December 30, 2017

(View of the beautiful house from the outside)

There are many things that help make a Christmas special. Even with all the presents we receive to all the parties we attend, we all know that Christmas, or any occasion for that matter, wouldn't be complete without food. I've heard many compliments and recommendations for this restaurant but it wasn't until last Christmas that I was given the opportunity to try the food here for myself. Continue to read on for my review of our Christmas luncheon. Click here (link to: Afternoon Tea | Suffolk House Restaurant) to read about my review on their afternoon tea.

Christmas Lunch:

(A family photo of us after our delicious meal)

(Christmas Lunch Menu)

(Wine - Sacred Hill White Cliff Pinot Gris from Malborough, New Zealand - RM 176)

(Some bread that were served before our meal)

(Starter - Salad of Whipped Brie Cheese, Smoked Duck Relish, Textures of Beetroot, Fragrant Leaves, Apricot Vinaigrette)

(Starter - Butternut Squash and Apple Velouté, Cranberry Crumble, Thyme Oil)

(Main Course - Turkey Linguine, Roasted Tomato Sauce, Date and Rocket, Grana Pardano)

(Main Course - Grilled steak: Smoked Brinjal Puree, Chickpea Panisses, Acar of Oriental Mushroom, Textures of Beetroot, Mulled Wine Jus)

(Main Course - Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder, Potato and Nangka Seed Puree, Grilled Eggplant and Heirloom Tomato, Date and Onion Relish)

(Dessert - Christmas Pudding, Dried Fruit Crumble and Thyme, Coconut Caramel, Vanilla Ice Cream)

(Hot Beverage - Coffee)

Because it was Christmas Day, Suffolk House offered all of its guests a special selection of some creative and appealing holiday dishes instead of their normal menus. Therefore, please take note that the menu above is specially designed for the holiday season, so their normal day lunch menu will be different.

Some bread were served to tease our tummy as we were deciding on our food choices. We also ordered a bottle of Pinot Gris to go with our lunch. I, myself ordered the Smoked Duck Relish and Lamb Shoulder.


  • Smoked Duck Relish - The duck meat was very soft and had a hint of smokey flavour. This is the first and only time I've liked the taste of a beetroot so that means the chef did a great job with that! I was famished at that time, so a fine dining appetiser is definitely not enough to satisfy my hunger at all at that moment.
  • Butternut Squash and Apple Velouté - The velouté here was absolutely délicieux. For such a creamy dish, it doesn't make one feel sick of it. Jacob ordered this, and let's just say that I did a great job by helping him finish it!


  • Turkey Linguine - The sauce is slightly too sweet for my taste. Because the portion of this dish is huge, you can get a little bit sick of it. A bold choice for using turkey as it can be quite dry if cooked wrongly. In this case, the chef kept the otherwise dry bird very moist and soft.
  • Grilled steak (Grain Fed Tenderloin) - Whenever in doubt, just get the steak! The tenderloin here was really well-prepared. the meat was so fresh and tender that it literally melts in your mouth. The jus helped enhance the flavour of meat without overpowering the steak. I like how they switch out the typical sides such as fries or mashed potatoes for the chickpeas panisses instead.
  • Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder - The lamb was beautifully cooked. The meat was very delicate and moist. The potato and nangka seed puree was a creative complement to the meat. I LOVE date and onion relish and this one here definitely did not disappoint me. It was flavourful but not too sweet; just how I like it.


  • Christmas Pudding - Pudding is the traditional end to a Christmas meal. The sweet spices used in the pudding here helped develop a distinctive rich aroma. The cape gooseberry on the side was definitely a delight as you don't see them a lot in Malaysia. However, the sour and tanginess of the fruit is not for everyone. I had the pleasure of eating the fruits for those who dislike it.

After our delicious meal, we were served some tea and coffee as we spend some time chattering away. From the appetisers to the dessert, Suffolk House treated all of our palate to the happiest of holidays.

Post-Lunch Exploring:

(A little bridge on the second floor)

(Malaysia Tatler Best Restaurants Award 2014)

(A little outdoor seating area taken from the balcony upstairs)

(Had some drinks after our little exploration)

After filling our tummies with them yummies, we did a little exploring around the place. We definitely need a walkabout after all the eating. This place is an absolute gem. The Anglo-Indian Garden House is rich in history that can be dated back to the 1800s. This is also Malaysia's only remaining Georgian Mansion and a MUST VISIT unesco world heritage

We had another round of drinks as we continue to marvel at this heritage architectural wonder before having to part with it.

Other Thoughts / Tips for visiting:

❀ Call up and make a reservation beforehand to avoid a full house disappointment (especially when you have a big group)

❀ The house itself is open to the public for visiting between 10am to 10pm. However, they would need an entrance ticket if you visit before 6pm. The ticket can then be redeemed for refreshments, or in part payment for any meal

❀ Entrance Ticket Price:

  • Children below 12 - Free
  • Adult - RM 20 per pax

❀ Review:

Bad/Cheap - Good/Expensive

  • Taste:
  • Price:
  • Service:
  • Environment:

Suffolk House Restaurant

Owner Chef Mathijs Nanne
  • Spent his formative years cooking in Sydney
  • Part of the opening teams of Straits Club Restaurant (Temple Tree Resort, Langkawi) and China House (Penang)
  • Joined the YKH Group of Restaurants as the executive chef of 32 at The Mansion
Address 250, Jalan Air Hitam, Georgetown, 10460 George Town, Penang, Malaysia
Opening Hours Mon-Sun: 12:00pm to 10:00pm
Tel +604-228 3930