Christmas Diary 2017

Posted on December 28, 2017

(Our Christmas tree & presents for this year)

Tis the season to be jolly! And also busy... I apologise again for all the late posts due to all the travelling and events for the past few months. After spending a year in Australia, I was so glad that I was able to celebrate Christmas at home with my family and friends! There's no better Christmas than the one where you're surrounded by the warmth of your loved ones in your hometown. Without further ado, here's a short recount of what I did for Christmas last year!

Pre- Christmas Preparations / Celebrations:

(Some of the presents that I gave out this Christmas)

(The crew of The Dragon Inn drama from the Christmas service at Audacity Church - 23/12/2017)

(OBS Run with Santa 2017 - Christmas Eve)

We all know that Christmas is celebrated throughout the entire December. Some places even started playing Christmas carols as early as beginning of November. Like every year, I'll always attend my church's Christmas service. Since I'm celebrating Christmas at home this year, I attended Audacity Malaysia's service on the 23rd of December.

This year I've definitely outdone myself at gift-giving. Can't believe that I've managed to wrap and gave out 63 presents in total. OMAGAWD!

To make things more interesting, I also ran a 7km fun run on Christmas Eve morning. For more details about the run, click here.

Christmas Morning:

(OH Christmas Tree, OH Christmas Tree!)

(Poppy (doggo) helping Jacob out with his presents from moi.)

(What's in the luggage?)

(Claire fixing us with some yummy Buck's Fizz cocktails!)

What's a Christmas morning without some alcohol and presents opening session? This holiday season, I took my gift-giving to another level. From YSL lipsticks to suitcases from Cosas United, I definitely did splurge quite extravagantly (this is probably why I'm always so broke during the holiday season; THANK GOD FOR CHINESE NEW YEAR; falling in so swiftly soon after).

The most creative and expensive gift I've given out this year was my boyfriend's. I stuffed a bunch of other little gifts and snacks into a Cosas United 28 inch. luggage. For more gift ideas, check out my Youtube video or my sister's blog.

Since it's Christmas, having alcohol early in the morning is considerably acceptable. My boyfriend's mum mixed us some Buck's Fizz for this very special occasion. This cocktail is popularly consumed as part of breakfast on Christmas Day morning in the United Kingdom. Traditionally, Buck's Fizz is made of two parts Champagne to one part orange juice (technically a Mimosa with a higher alcohol percentage). We, however, used Prosecco (sparling wine) from Marks and Spencer for our Buck's Fizz instead!

Christmas Lunch:

(A family picture of us after our Christmas Lunch at Suffolk House.)

We all know that food is one of the best part about Christmas. We had a delicious Christmas lunch at Suffolk House together with my boyfriend's and my family. (My boyfriend's grandparents actually flew all the way from the UK to join us for the holiday!) To read about my food review of this lunch, click here.

Christmas OOTD:

(Christmas day OOTD)

(Christmas Day OOTD - Closed up look)

OOTD: This Christmas, I managed to dig out my mother's vintage midi from Urban & Co. To match the dress, I also stole one of her old sling purses. (My mum's closet is the best!) Of course, white outfits are always best paired with a nude tone coloured shoes. My heels here are from The Iconic Australia.

Closed Up Details:

Christmas Dinner:

(A family photo of us after our Christmas dinner and karaoke session at Neway Karaoke Box, Queensbay.)

Every family celebrates Christmas differently. Some families celebrate Christmas with a BBQ get-together while others have a traditional roast dinner. As for my family, we like to celebrate Christmas with a karaoke session. My cousins flew in from Australia to join us this year! We ended our magical night with our annual family Christmas gift exchange session here. Click here to read about my review of the place!

Christmas Presents Haul:

(Some presents I've opened up on Christmas morning.)

Everyone definitely went all out on their gift-giving last Christmas! JUST LOOK AT THEM ALL! Of course, there are also some other late presents that are total wowsies but an overexcited me had forgotten to take a picture of them.

To wrap this enchanted day up, I want to thank everyone that make this day so meaningful! I mean, it's Jesus' birthday not mine and yet you guys have managed to make this day so special for me. How did you celebrate your Christmas last year? And what are some of your favourite presents that you've received or given out? COMMENT BELOW!