Café Cre Asion

Posted on July 31, 2017

(Overview of Café Cre Asion from the outside)

Hidden from plain sight, Cre Asion is a must visit café if you are a matcha lover like me. I came about discovering this little café on my birthday last year (2016). Knowing how much I love matcha, my boyfriend brought me here after reading up some reviews that strongly recommended this café.

(Inside of the café)

Upon entering the café, you'll see some cookies on the shelf. There were two flavours: Walnut Caramel & Matcha and Macadamia available during my last visit. However, I myself have only tried the matcha and macadamia cookies; which I wasn't a big fan of. I like that the cookies weren't really sweet but I feel that they could do a little bit more of the matcha flavouring. The cookies are available for $2 each from the jar, and $10 for a box of 6.

Just beside the cashier and right in front of the mini kitchen area stood a fridge full of colourful and amazing looking macaroons. Other cakes and matcha desserts are also displayed on the bottom rack. If you are there early, there might also be some matcha muffin available on top of the fridge.

So, now that we're done with the introduction, let's talk food!

(From top left: Matcha Fondant, Macarons- Lavender, Blackberry & Hoji, and Matcha Lattes)

(Matcha Fondant - $8.50 dine in / $6.50 takeaway)

Look at the beautiful gooey green dripping down! The matcha fondant is Cre Asion's signature matcha dish. This is highly recommended by a lot of food bloggers online. Tastewise, the fondant itself was really delicious; living up to all good reviews online. Be that as it may, the texture of the fondant that we had was a little bit overdone as it doesn't have that gooey lave-like texture that all good fondant cake should have.

(Matcha Latte - $5)

TAKE NOTE ALL YOU MATCHA LOVERS: THIS IS THE BESTTTTT MATCHA LATTE YOU'LL EVER FIND IN SYDNEY (maybe even in your lifetime)! Unlike other places, the matcha latte here are not too sweet. Therefore, the sugar doesn't overpower the matcha taste. AND they also use a generous amount of authentic matcha powder.

However, if you are not a "strong" matcha sort of fan (meaning you only like those super sweet matcha stuffs like my boyfriend), I don't think you will enjoy this as much as it has a bitter matcha after taste (which is amazeballs). Nevertheless, do give it a go when you visit the café, and judge it for yourself.

(Macarons - $2.70 each / $16 for 6)

Given the broad variety of flavours available, it took us forever to decide which flavours of macarons to go for. In the end, we've decided to try the lavender, blackberry, and hoji ones. What I like about their macarons are that they are not too sweet, therefore you can actually taste the actual flavour. However, the Lavender one came across as a little bit faint for us in flavouring.

Other Thoughts / Tips for visiting:

❀ Other than specialising in all things matcha, the café also serves a wide selection of coffee, breakfast food and sandwiches; which I have not tried yet.

❀ Visit early:

  • To avoid fighting for seats as the café is very small, with limited seating area
  • The matcha fondants sell out fast
  • Faster service when it is not crowded

❀ Flaws:

  • Their tables and chairs are very low; not very comfortable if you are tall
  • Their tables are very small with limited space to place your food (if you order a lot)
  • The tables are very close to one another; therefore, you might have to squeeze awkwardly with another café hopper during your whole meal

❀ Review:

Bad/Cheap - Good/Expensive

  • Taste:
  • Price:
  • Service:
  • Environment:

Café Cre Asion

Owner Yu Sasaki
Experience Worked with Christine Manfield at Universal Café for the past two years
Address 21 Alberta St, Sydney NSW 2000
Opening Hours Mon-Fri: 8am to 4pm / Sat: 9am to 4pm (Kitchen closes at 3pm everyday)
Tel (02) 8021 1629