An Afternoon Affair | The Glasshouse (The Prestige Hotel)

Posted on July 29, 2020

Located in the heart of the George Town, The Prestige Hotel is a beautiful recent addition to our little island. Widely-known for their Victorian-style interior, this gorgeous boutique hotel is a must-visit venue-especially if you're searching to get the "insta-worthy" shots. Trust me, you'll probably end up taking at least one photo at every corner of this hotel (good luck to all you boyfriend photographers).

Located within the hotel’s Victorian Arcade, The Glasshouse restaurant has recently launched their afternoon tea set. The set is available daily from 3pm to 6pm. Continue reading for more details...

*PS: I apologise for this super-late post as our country's MCO literally started a day after we dined, so I thought I'll wait until it is safe and everyone can come out again before posting!*


(Top Tier: Scones, Salted Butter and Strawberry Jam)

(Middle Tier: Custard with Oreos, Fruit Tarts, Macaroons and Cheesecakes)

(Bottom Tier: Shredded-Crabmeat Stuffed Baguettes, Bao Bun with Smoked Ducks and Smoked Salmon on Bread)

(Our choice of Beverage: TWG Moroccan Mint Tea)

All the delicious tea sets come in a three-tier-tower, plated with sweet and savoury treats (as shown above) with your choice of TWG tea or handcrafted coffee.

3 Tier Platter: Top Tier: Scones, Salted Butter and Strawberry Jam
Middle Tier: Custard with Oreos, Fruit Tarts, Macaroons and Cheesecakes
Bottom Tier: Shredded-Crabmeat Stuffed Baguettes, Bao Bun with Smoked Ducks and Smoked Salmon on Bread

Choice of Beverages: Coffee
TWG tea in a pot:
Earl Grey
Moroccan Mint Tea

First of all, can I just emphasise on how impressive the presentation is? The amount of effort put into the creation of each nibbles;! In addition to amazing you with their mouth-watering food, their serving trays, cutleries and teapot sets are as equally stunning. I don't know about you but I couldn't stop staring at their flower-shaped teaspoon the second it was served.

Okay, let's not ramble on too much on the tableware and decor, let's talk FOOD.

We were served with three levels of delicious afternoon tea canapés. On the first tier, there were scones which tasted light and tender and they paired it nicely with smooth, creamy butter and strawberry jam. The only thing missing was cream-which, in my opinion, would've made it more complete. Nevertheless, they were already as perfect as they can be as it was.

As the second tier was plated with desserts, we actually skipped to the third tier after having the scones. This was the tier I was most excited about. I know, I know, usually people would generally get more excited for the sweets in afternoon teas, but, I'm a sucker for savory canapés. The smoked salmon were very fresh and I love how they added black olives to them. The shredded-crabmeat stuffed baguettes stood out with their special sauce-which was mixed with crab meat. Last but not least, my personal favourite was their Bao Bun with smoked duck. I may be bias because I love Bao buns and smoked duck and their take on it definitely did not disappoint.

Finishing our tea off with dessert, their second tier was a sugar paradise for all you dessert lovers. Serving 4 different kind of desserts, this tier is perfect if you're sweet-toothed like my mother. I love how they designed the Custard-with-Oreos to look like little pots of plants-fitting their aesthetics. Look at how cute they are! It made us feel a little "sad" eating them. Their fruit tarts are made with a buttery pasty crust and filled with different variety of fruits. I also love how their macaroons are not too sweet but instead, very flavourful. Their cheesecake was light in texture and was just the perfect item to conclude tea-time.

Do I even need to comment on their tea? I'm pretty sure by now everyone has heard of the famous TWG tea. They definitely do live up to their name! That is why they are actually one of my favourite tea brands! This is the perfect chance to try out their tea without having to invest for a full box (if you'd like to try out the various flavours available). I usually would opt for Earl Grey as I prefer stronger Black Tea but my mum loves mint teas so we had their Moroccan Mint Tea instead; which was also a delight.



Thank you so much for hosting us! I had so much fun catching up with my mum while filling our tummy with all these yums. Special thanks to Ms. Ada (Hotel's Executive) and Mr. Jeeva (F&B Manager) for your kind invitation and hospitality! By the way, their service here is top-notch amazing! I loved all of my dining experience here. They made me feel so welcomed every visit!

This afternoon set is designed to serve two so bring your partner, your parents, BFFs, etc... Enjoy an intimate catch up sesh with your loved ones or have an afternoon tea party! Everyone needs a little "tea-break" once in awhile.

At only RM68 NETT - this little break is so affordable and the food and experience are worth every penny spent.

Other Thoughts / Tips for visiting:

❀ Call up and make a reservation beforehand to avoid a full house disappointment (especially when you have a big group).

❀ Take a walk around the hotel to find more Instagramable spots after dining.

❀ Afternoon Affair at The Glasshouse Price:

  • Afternoon Tea Set for 2 - RM 68

❀ Parking:

  • There are limited street parking outside the hotel or nearby.
  • A flat rate of RM 8 parking fee inside the hotel building is available for The Glass House diners.

❀ Review: (No review will be given as this meal is sponsored.)


Address 13, Church St Ghaut, Georgetown, 10200 George Town
Opening Hours Mon-Sun 06:30am - 11:00pm
Tel +604 217 5888
Email [email protected]


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